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Over the course of six months, “Scream Team Studios” created Horrific Halls, a collaboration between five seniors at the University of Baltimore. A horror game that takes place within the halls of The University of Baltimore, Horrific Halls uses sounds and environmental disturbances to rattle the player. Wandering monsters and possessed spirits roam the halls, guarding their home from intruders.

When waking up after sleeping through class, the student finds themselves locked in their classroom, only everyone has left the building. The lights are off, the doors are shut, and the only signs of life are the demons and creatures that roam the halls at night. Using the environment to hide, distract, and run from the monsters, the student must find their way out of the labyrinth of unholy-horrors.

Revee Watts – Coding, Production

Adam Mizell – Coding, Interface, Video Capture, Interactions

Nathan Dupree – Monster Art, Level Creation

Gary Keeler – 3D Models, Level Design, Story, Sound

Chris Rizzo – Filters, Environmental Design, Textures

Install instructions

How to Download:

Step 1: Download the zip folder

Step 2: Unzip the folder and save it on your computer

Step 3: Open the .exe file and choose your settings, then press play

(You can just open the zip folder and drag the HorrificHalls folder to your desktop)


HorrificHallsExecutable.zip 104 MB


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Really cute :D Hope you guys got good marks on it and keep making games!

Enjoy the Lumps Play!🍻

I enjoyed the game! i think the idea is great :) The sounds are very creepy! lolll

Thanks for the feedback! We've just uploaded a zip folder with a .exe file which should fix the fps issue since it'll be downloaded to your computer instead of running through the browser.

I loved this game it was

very creepy

Thanks for playing, the player sliding is because at first you used keyboard controls which basically glitch the controller sensitivity since its only got support for a controller at the moment. If you play it and only use the controller without pressing any keys on the keyboard then it wont slide

I played it with controller I really enjoyed it